Gas Pilot Light: How To Light, Adjust and Clean

Lighting a Gas Pilot: Before you try and relight a pilot light make sure to read the instructions, usually found on the front of the boiler or furnace.
Step One: Use the manual control handle on the automatic gas valve to turn off the gas to the main burner and pilot. Allow at least 5 minutes for built up gas to disperse before proceeding. Use extreme caution and take more time if your fuel is bottled gas; it doesn’t dissipate as quickly.
Step Two: Once the gas has dissipated, set the thermostat well below room temperature. Turn the manual control handle to PILOT and light the pilot, holding the handle there for a minute. Then release the handle and turn it to ON.

Adjusting the Pilot Flame: The Pilot flame should be blue and should cover the thermocouple. Before adjusting the flame turn the thermostat down and turn off the power to the system. Then reset the thermostat when done.
Cleaning the Pilot Orifice: One cause of trouble lighting the pilot light, is the orifice may be plugged. To clean the orifice, you will need to shut off the gas supply.

Step One: Turn the gas inlet handle to a right angle with the pipe.

Step Two: Disconnect the thermocouple tube and the pilot gas line form the automatic gas valve.

Step Three: Remove the bracket holding the pilot and the thermocouple.

Step Four: Use a stiff wire brush to clean out the orifice and reattach the bracket, pilot gas line, and the thermocouple tube.

Step Five: Turn on the gas and relight the pilot light.

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