Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Caution: regular use of chemical drain cleaners may eventually damage your pipes so use caution if using chemical cleaners to prevent drain clogs.  However, these cleaners can be helpful in clearing clogged drains under some conditions.

If plunging the drain is unsuccessful, and the water is draining slowly, using a chemical cleaner is a logical next step if you think the drain may be clogged by food, hair, or toilet paper.  Drain cleaner will not unclog solid objects like toys.

Do’s Of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

  1. When using chemicals, do so only in a well ventilated area.  Chemicals produce dangerous odors.
  2. Wear rubber gloves to prevent the chemicals from burning your skin.
  3. Read and follow the instructions found on the product labels.
  4. Match cleaners with clogs.  Not all cleaners are made for all types of clogs.  Alkalis cut grease and acids dissolve hair and soap.

Don’ts Of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

  1. Don’t splash or breath in the fumes.
  2. Don’t use a chemical cleaner if the drain is completely blocked.  You run the risk of an even greater problem of the blockage cannot be removed – how to remove the caustic chemicals from the sink, tub, or shower.
  3. Don’t use a plunger if chemicals exist in the drain.  You risk splashing chemical water on yourself, the walls, or the carpet.
  4. Don’t mix chemical cleaners together.  Mixing an acid with an alkali may cause an explosion.
  5. Don’t look down the drain after pouring in the chemicals.  The toxic solution gives off noxious fumes and may boil up.
  6. Don’t ever use a chemical cleaner in a garbage disposal.