Cleaning Oil Off Of Concrete – In Five Easy Steps

It’s one of ownership’s necessary evils: cleaning oil off of a driveway or garage surface. As simple as the task seems, there is a cleaning solution that virtually always gets the job done. What is it?

Kitty litter. That’s right: Cleaning oil from the driveway with kitty litter is the most oft-recommended method for this type of stain removal. There is one additional material that is required when this method is implemented: dry cement. Don’t worry, you won’t be mixing it with water!

Fair warning: For best results, you should follow these steps, which will take approximately two days to complete. Again, there’s no need to worry; the job is actually very simple! To clean oil stains from concrete in five easy steps:

1. Spread a thick layer of kitty litter over the grease, and allow up to 24 hours for absorption.

2. Gently sweep the kitty litter away.

3. Cover the entire spot with dry cement.

4. Allow another 24 hours for the cement’s absorption effect.

5. Gently sweep away the dirty cement.

Gather dirty cement in a bag and throw it away (in a trash receptacle only – do not flush down the toilet or sink!).

The result? A clean driveway! Before long, you’ll be cleaning an oil stain from concrete like a pro.