Benefits of Energy Efficient Appliances

The main benefit of energy efficient appliances is that it preserves the environment! How does an energy efficient appliance save the environment? Well, the energy used to run a home comes from a power plant. Power plants need to burn fossil fuels to power the electric products. When you burn fossil fuels you cause air pollution which then produces acid rain, smog, and is believed to be the main cause of global warming. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy says if every home in America uses energy efficient appliances we could remove the need of 25 power plants. Even though saving the environment is a great benefit of energy efficient appliances, the more popular benefit is that you save money. When you use energy efficient appliances, you can save up to $400 per year on your utility bills. Plus energy star appliances have an extended working life. Buying energy efficient appliances qualifies you for an energy tax credit on top of saving on your monthly utility bill.

Here are a few tips when shopping for an energy-efficient appliance to keep in mind so you can truly benefit from them:

• Measure the space you plan to place your appliance to make sure it will fit. Don’t forget to make sure there is enough room to open the door and enough room for you to walk by.
• Think about how much time you would use the appliance. When deciding between two models, the purchase price and estimated energy usage should come into play. If you are planning to use the appliance a lot, you may actually save money by buying the more expensive. Usually the pricier product is the more energy efficient the model is.
• Don’t be afraid to ask about special energy efficient offers. To encourage buyers to purchase energy-efficient appliances, most often a store or manufacture will offer cash rebates or other incentive programs.
&• Read the Energy Guide label! This yellow and black label states the projected annual energy use of the appliance. Use this to compare the amount of annual energy use to competing brands and models.
• Look for the Energy Star logo. Energy Star appliances are drastically more energy-efficient and allow you to take advantage of the Energy Star benefits.

Don’t forget there is a tax credit waiting for anyone who buys and uses energy efficient products. Energy efficient appliances can include everything from air conditioning, windows and solar panels, plus appliances like washing machines, freezers, and refrigerators.

Energy efficient appliances benefit both the consumer and the environment. Giving a tax break to manufactures who meet Energy Star qualification, the consumer can have a wide variety of energy efficient products with high quality and competitive pricing. So lets go shopping and purchase and benefit from and energy efficient appliance.