5 Tips To Repair Your Screen Door

Repairing the screen on your door can be done by yourself no matter how handy you are. Screened doors are a delightful way to enjoy the outdoor air without falling prey to seasonal bugs. The screen is a durable substance which allows air to pass freely yet protects you on the within the home from the elements. Screen, by its nature, is durable because it is made of metal. Because it is usually thin and porous, it sometimes tears easily. It is hard to mend tears and usually needs the screen will need to be replace.

Here are some simple tips on how to repair your screen door:

1. Be sure to ascertain how the original screen was attached. Is the original frame wooden, with the screen nailed or stretched into place, or metal, and stretched and screwed into place?

2. Measure the original piece of screen and how large the piece was, and how much overlap must be provided to enable the screen to be fastened back to its frame.

3. Determine if any additional parts are required for the repair and have them on hand as you work.

4. Perform any incidental maintenance to the door that can be completed at the same time as the screen replacement.

5. Consider painting the door if  it has a wood frame; the effect will be to  have a completely new door once the door is repaired and painted with the new screen in place.

The flexibility of a screen door at your home is a pleasant amenity and will permit you to enjoy beautiful weather from inside the house. Enjoy the beauty of summer days and cool nights through your screen door.