30 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have In Their Toolbox

Blow is a list tools every home owner should have in their toolbox. Take an inventory of the tools you already have and their condition, if any of the tools mentioned below are missing or damaged you should consider replacing them. Buy the best you can afford. Quality tools make the job easier and are safer than bargain tools. For one-time repairs you can rent power or specialty hand tools.

Fastening tools like nails and screws, with material like adhesives are items you may want to keep handy. A range of sizes for fasteners and washers come handy when you need to make those minor repairs.

Measuring & Marking Fastening Cutting & Shaping Gripping Useful Extra
Steel Tape                         Straightedge                             Torpedo Level                  Combination Square           Carpenter’s Pencil Electric Drill and Bits         Claw Hammer                       Nail Set                          Mallet                            Screwdrivers:                            1) Standard Tip                         2) Philips Tip                             3) Stubby Crosscut Saw             Bench Chisels       Smoothing Plane         Cold Chisel             Perforated Rasp         File Sip-Joint Pliers      Needlenose Pliers   Adjustable- Wrench       Allen-Wrench- Set Utility Knife             Clamps           Plunger               Sanding Block    Putty Knife         Prybar                  Flashlight            White Glue         Electrical Tape   Duck Tape