Keeping Your Grass Green

If you own your own home then you have probably spent a lot of time working on your yard and making it look great.  Everyone wants to have amazing grass and beautiful yards that the neighbors simply adore.

Try a few of these things to help you with this task.

1.)   Cut your grass very short when you do cut it.  This means that you want it to be approximately one and one half inches tall.

2.)   If your grass was high you will want to rake your yard when you are finished cutting it.

3.)   If you are planting new grass you need to make sure that you are turning the dirt and soil so that the new seeds will fall into the dirt and stay there.

4.)   Do not cut your new grass until it is at least three inches high.  This can be very tempting for individuals that are obsessed with their yards. However cutting the grass before its three inches high will kill the grass before it has a chance to grow.

5.)   Remember to water your yard in order to keep it lush and green. You should water in the early morning or late night. If you water during mid day the water will evaporate by the sun before the water has a chance to be soaked up by the soil.

When you are planting new grass, or taking care of a green yard, you want to make sure that you are keeping the grass watered and you are not cutting it too often.  Refusing to follow these steps can dry your grass out and kill it.  This will be defeating the purpose because your yard will not be beautiful and green.  It will appear to be brown and dead.